8 steps to making killer videos

Don’t panic and start shooting any old video just because your CEO wants a YouTube hit. Follow these steps, and you’re sure to succeed.

What?! Your CEO wants a video—and wants it to go viral or else?

Before you panic, take a deep breath and download this free guide. Justin Allen, head of production and video strategy for Ragan Consulting Group, draws on years of experience working for Tribune Media, CBS, Fox, NBC, Yahoo, The Associated Press and other video powerhouses.

He explains the steps to creating a successful video.

You’ll learn:

  • How to plan before you get in over your head. Give it some strategic thought before you commit.
  • What a story brief is, and the five questions you must answer before you go any further with your project.
  • How to draft a creative brief and timeline that brings your story to life—before you squander precious time figuring out a shoot on the fly.
  • Writing and scripting: How to translate all that forethought into a script.
  • How to be nimble in production: Take advantage of serendipities and unexpected hurdles alike.
  • Why you must edit ruthlessly—and how a transcription service can offer you a map to improvement.
  • Plans for producing social media snippets: Wondering what to do with those great shots that ended up on the cutting room floor?
  • How to measure: Determining your key performance indicators.

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