A CEO's Perspective: Supporting Employee Well-Being in an Unusual Year - and Beyond

Learn how to build healthy, employee-first work environments

Creating a workplace culture that uplifts, motivates and empowers employees is essential to business success. But how can you create and sustain a vibrant culture when many employees work remotely?

In this recorded webinar, Ergotron CEO Chad Severson offers practical solutions to help companies build healthy and flexible work environments that staffers will love.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The power of empathy and experimentation in fostering creativity and innovation.
  • How to navigate times of crisis and upheaval by empowering workers’ well-being.
  • Equipping hybrid, work-from-anywhere teams with all they need to strike a healthy work/life balance and pursue long-term success.

This thoughtful, timely webinar will equip leaders, HR pros and wellness practitioners with practical tips to support employee retention, engagement and well-being. Watch today, and start shaping a healthier, employee-first culture.

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