How to boost employee engagement

Engagement is a primary goal for most organizations, a survey shows. Yet it’s challenging to figure out how to inspire employees so they boost your bottom line. Here are ways to do that.

Engagement isn’t just about creating a friendly work environment. It’s a business imperative.

Nearly every organization is trying to find out ways to boost employee engagement—and no wonder. It has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Yet far fewer have figured out methods to engage their employees. In “How to boost employee engagement”—a free download from Ragan Communications and RMG—you’ll learn how it’s done.

The guide includes tips from companies such as Gallup, Yahoo, Denver Water, Hamilton Health Sciences and

“Getting people from not engaged to actively engaged is really the goal,” says Brad Parler, internal communications administrator at, “and finding out why people are not engaged or working against you in your culture is paramount.”

Download this guide, and you'll learn:

  • How decades of data from businesses worldwide prove the importance of engagement in their success
  • What the three B’s are and why you should pay attention to them
  • How to personalize content on digital screens
  • How external social media can help internal engagement
  • Why it's essential to survey your employees—and act on what you find
  • How micro-polls can boost engagement
  • Why you must prioritize internal over external comms
  • How to lighten up and use humor
  • How to draw eyeballs through video and graphics
  • Why one organization had the CEO learn employees’ jobs
  • Why leaders should circulate and talk to people

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