Chronic Stress and the Remote Worker

How movement can lower stress and boost well-being

As the temporary work from home experiment stretched from weeks to months, we’ve fundamentally shifted where and how we work. Some companies have stated that their employees may work from home forever. Others will adopt a hybrid model, where employees split time between home and the office.

To keep remote employees comfortable, healthy and productive for the long haul, it’s necessary that both employees and the leadership teams that support them take action. Living and working during a once-in-a-generation pandemic creates an undercurrent of chronic stress for many workers. Physical health, mental health and workday comfort must be prioritized.

With this in mind, Ergotron has produced “Chronic Stress and the Remote Worker,” an invaluable report on how stress is related to movement and how to reduce stress among work-from-home employees. In the 13-page report, you’ll learn:

  • How workers worldwide are facing heightened levels of stress as they adapt to changes in their work and personal lives.
  • How moving more, sitting less and creating a comfortable home office setup can positively impact well-being, including physical health, mental health and spinal health.
  • How frequent movement and a healthy workspace setup empower employees to work in a way that’s comfortable for them and supports their well-being now and into the future.
  • What your organization can do now to help your work-from-home team members.

Download your free copy of the report today to start reducing stress now, for yourself or for your team.

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