Communicators' struggles, strengths and successes

How do internal communicators rate their own performance? What are the frustrations and hopes for the future throughout the industry? Delve deep with this survey.

Whether members of a team or Lone Rangers in a one-person shop, communicators tend to work in isolation from their counterparts at other organizations.

This can leave them in the dark about how closely their goals and priorities align with those of the industry as a whole. How can you benchmark when comms teams everywhere are hiding their cards from each other?

This report changes that. This free download offers a view of industry norms in areas ranging from message saturation to one’s preferred channels.

The report reveals:

  • What percentage of respondents’ organizations measure internal communications. (The answer might surprise you.)
  • Whether engagement or dissemination of information is the primary goal of internal communication departments.
  • Whether you are alone in struggling to reach all.
  • Who, apart from communicators, is creating the news at organizations across the country.
  • Whether the trend is toward a centralized comms department or multiple teams scattered across your locations.
  • Whether email is losing its luster as a communication channel, and how the intranet compares with town hall meetings, e-newsletters and face-to-face meetings as comms vehicles.
  • What the three greatest content-creation challenges are for internal communicators.
  • Whether you’re leading the pack in targeted content—or lagging behind.

Download the free report here.

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