The Impact of COVID-19 on Communications

Communicators report increased respect for their work and a heavier workload overall and cite their top tools for engaging employees and other audiences during the crisis.

The COVID-19 crisis has touched every industry, and its impact on communications teams has been unusually profound.

As organizations seek to engage an array of audiences—both internal and external—the communicator has come to the fore as a strategic asset.

Leadership must share important news, updates, guidelines and more with employees and team members. External messages must be tailored to avoid tone-deaf missteps.

Throughout it all, communicators have been bringing their skill sets to bear on these crucial business problems—and, in many cases, getting long-overdue recognition for their value.

This new report, based on a survey of more than 400 communicators, looks at how the coronavirus crisis has affected the communications function, and it offers insights into how leaders can best serve their communities and stakeholders. This free download provides data on:

  • The most valuable channels for reaching key audiences
  • How crisis plans are being adapted and reevaluated
  • The hottest tools to address communicators’ top challenges
  • And more

Download your free report right now to get insights from communicators who are raising the professional bar amid this global crisis.

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