Crisis Communications Plan Template

When is the last time you reviewed your crisis communications plan?

While your plan probably got more than its normal amount of use in the past two years, its easy for crisis plans to become outdated. Few organizations had global pandemic in their risk assessment before 2020—and now most companies are likely to have new virus threats in their plans.

If you are ready to revisit your crisis communications plan, or build a new one from scratch, it’s helpful to have someplace to start. The Crisis Communications Plan Template from Workshop offers just that: a foundation on which to build.

The helpful guide covers:

  • How to define different risk levels and response needs
  • How to build your crisis team and who should be on the phone tree
  • Procedure recommendations for running your crisis response
  • Message and fact sheet templates to help guide your efforts
  • Sample holding statements for crises like lawsuits, product recall and employee misconduct
  • Frequently asked questions to anticipate in a crisis
  • How to assess your response post-crisis

Download the full template to add to your crisis plan and start testing your response readiness.

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