Email measurement insights and best practices guide

Which weekdays are best for internal emails? How long is the ideal subject line?

Too often, communicators fall back on guesswork when sending email. It shouldn’t be that way with a measurable channel that’s essential to nearly every organization’s communications.

Drawing on anonymous data across PoliteMail’s customer base, this free download crunches the numbers to help benchmark your messaging and boost workforce engagement. PoliteMail examined 75,000 messages sent to 197 million people to reach its conclusions.

You’ll find out:

  • How frequently? Are you writing too often, or not often enough?
  • How long? The ideal length can seem elusive. Are you writing such long emails that employees tune out?
  • How many pictures? Images boost engagement, but what images-to-text ratio works best?
  • What about subject lines? How many words should they be to get recipients to open and read them?
  • What time? Just when do emails perform best? Morning? Afternoon? Dead of night?
  • Who receives it? Should you limit a particular email to a smaller list, or expand it so everyone can share in the news?
  • Should you litter your text with links, just like a web article? Or will that undermine the call to action?

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