Deskless Not Voiceless 2020

Workplace from Facebook offers insights into how frontline managers and employees feel about communications from top brass, what’s working around the world, and how COVID-19 has changed everything.

Deskless employees have historically felt underappreciated and ignored—but during the COVID-19 crisis, engagement numbers are changing.

As leaders from global HQ offices have been dispersed, the role of the frontline manager has been elevated. New tools and campaigns are rolling out to support and celebrate frontline staff, and management communications might be changed forever.

In its report on the current state of internal communications, “Deskless Not Voiceless 2020,” Workplace from Facebook examines the major barriers keeping frontline employees from feeling engaged at work—which can lead to brand risk and other challenges in an uncertain financial climate. Here’s how it breaks down the challenges:

  • Communications gap. How do top leaders and the audiences they look to reach feel about the efficacy of corporate communications? Why is there a difference, and what can companies do to improve?
  • Empowerment gap. How do you ensure that frontline employees have their voices heard and that this increase in communication leads to real, meaningful change? It’s an essential step for building and maintaining trust with employees.
  • Culture gap. The COVID-19 crisis has revealed how many organizations’ corporate communications have failed to connect with audiences. How does the data suggest you can build authenticity and transparency into your latest campaigns?
  • Measuring performance. How are you ensuring programs measure what matters, and that employees are rewarded for activity that’s beneficial to the bottom line—rather than just doing busy work to fill the days? It’s an essential consideration for companies planning for hybrid and remote workforces.

See the full range of insights from companies like Petco, Dixons Carphone, Lixil and more, with recommendations on how to engage your essential frontline employees, prevent turnover and build for a brighter future.

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