Develop Effective Workspaces that Boost Employee Wellness

A business leader’s guide to promoting workforce productivity and well-being.

Concerns about the health, productivity and safety impacts of a sedentary workstyle have increased in the last decade. Nearly everyone agrees that sitting at a desk for hours at a time isn’t conducive to physical health, not to mention to productivity and comfort.

Employer-sponsored wellness programs have gained in popularity, driving a growing number of organizations to seek the health benefits of alternative work-station approaches, including sit-stand desks, monitor arms, mobile desks and more. This transition is happening at record rates, with more than half of employers purchasing height-adjustable workstations.

If your organization is investing in active furniture, then this Ergotron whitepaper is essential.

You’ll learn:

  • To start with the “why.” Define a purpose for making height-adjustable furniture available to employees.
  • The importance of setting goals with measurable outcomes.
  • To work with various groups within the organization, like wellness, IT, facilities and leadership.
  • To communicate your objectives. Have an official kickoff to announce the program and get employees excited. Share the goals and how each goal will be measured.
  • How to measure and evaluate the results of your new program.

Following the steps in this guide will ensure you develop and implement a workspace wellness program based on best practices and Ergotron’s vast experience helping other organizations.

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