How to Improve the Comfort and Productivity of Remote Employees

How to use ergonomics to support employee well-being

Let’s face it: The new workplace normal, even if a hybrid model, means employees will be working from home offices that are likely a dining room, living room, kitchen or some other area where there might be ample space. Companies with remote employees should now turn their attention to creating formal policies and structure to support employees with the resources needed to be productive and healthy in a remote setting—especially workstations, as research suggests that sedentary behavior will increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly back pain.

Ergotron’s new report, “Improve the Comfort and Productivity of Remote Employees,” highlights research on the physical and mental risks of remote, sedentary work; the impact of non-ergonomic furniture on employee productivity; and the steps companies should take to provide adequate workstations, regardless of the workplace model. Further, the report will provide:

  • Actionable steps companies can take to provide adequate equipment and education on safe working postures.
  • Tips to conduct an employee assessment of their current workstations so you will have a roadmap to determine products and services needed.
  • How to choose products to fit a broad range of users.
  • Tactics to offer employee training on ergonomics and healthy workday activity to reduce the risk of computer-related injuries.

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