How to measure Internal Communications

Measurement is key in any department, in any organization. But a survey by Gallagher revealed that 64% of communicators don’t benchmark their internal communications against the industry. Without that knowledge, you’re flying blind.

Learn what’s working with your internal communications and what could use a tune-up by getting serious about measurement with Firstup’s “How to measure Internal Communications” guide.

In this free download, you’ll get hands-on resources, including an internal communications measurement glossary and a worksheet to help you set ambitious but achievable goals.

You’ll also learn to:

  • Determine your organization’s overall goals, and then let those drive your communications objectives.
  • Get buy-in from top leadership to get the resources you need.
  • Find the right technology solution that allows you to track KPIs.
  • Follow a workflow to establish a proactive measurement and analysis process.
  • Think like a data scientist.
  • Understand how measurement can improve the employee experience.

With Firstup’s free download, you can stop guessing about what works and get actionable answers today.

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