How to Run a Successful Intranet from SWOOP Analytics

Managing or writing for an organization’s intranet can sometimes leave communications professionals with little idea about what "good" looks like. Without a strategy or an understanding of how employees interact with the platform, comms teams might find themselves making little progress. To help navigate these challenges, SWOOP Analytics has analyzed the real-life data from over 36,000 SharePoint intranet pages accessed by almost 100,000 employees to produce the first-ever SharePoint intranet benchmarking report that shows how people use and access company intranets.

The “How to Run a Successful Intranet” report provides real-life insights from SWOOP Analytics’ benchmarking of SharePoint intranet including:  

·       The best times to post information and messaging.

·       How much time employees spend visiting and reading an intranet.

·       How long an intranet news article should be.

·       What devices employees use to access an intranet.

·       How to capitalize on the small window of time employees spend on an intranet.

·       The natural lifespan of an intranet news article.

  • … and much more.

Download this free ebook today. You’ll understand achievable goals for intranet usage, gain the skills to identify what the most engaged intranet pages and sites look like, get real-life tips on launching a SharePoint Online intranet, and receive expert advice from the world’s top intranet specialists to get maximum engagement.

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