Internal Email Communications Benchmarks 2024 from PoliteMail

Email activity has jumped considerably in the post-pandemic period. Now, maintaining consistent and effective corporate communications among a remote or hybrid workforce can pose a significant challenge. Communicators must find a balance between keeping employees engaged and interested in routine corporate communications and ensuring the important messages stand out. Additionally, each industry faces unique challenges and limitations, and it is up to the communicator to craft messages that resonate with different employee groups, considering their unique needs, interests and preferences. And since email provides the most extensive reach of any corporate communications channel, the metrics matter.

In “Internal Email Communications Benchmarks 2024,” PoliteMail reports key metrics including attention rates, readership, clicks and engagement, to show how you can improve your reach and capture your entire distribution audience. In this report, you will understand:

  • The open rate to achieve for your corporate internal communications.
  • The number of employees that actually read emails.
  • Whether you are sending the right number of messages.
  • Ways to measure results and grade your own communication performance.
  • … and much more!

Download this free report today which includes data from 10 industry sectors and seven distribution list sizes. It explores the primary factors that impact reach and what to expect when you send a message.