How to land blockbuster coverage during and after a PR event

Don’t just talk about your product. Inspire your audience—and win news media coverage—with stories that people are eager to share.

Disappointed in the coverage your event got?

Well, did you create a narrative—or find inspiring stories to push afterward? Did you partner with charities to help reporters warm up to your event?

This new tip sheet from the famous Guinness World Records and Ragan Communications tells how to change your events from one-offs to publicity bonanzas. Borrow tips from organizations such as Reebok, John Deere, Walmart, Mall of America and Denver Water.

You’ll learn how to employ these approaches:

  • Find stories that inspire. People—including journalists—love that.
  • Treat your audience as human beings, not just as customers.
  • Use stories to illustrate corporate initiatives.
  • Make national events local.
  • Use charitable events to get your name in the news.
  • Gather stories through social media.
  • Capture content for use long after your event is over.

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