A marketer's guide to digital giveaways, promotions and rewards

Are you getting nowhere using the same old marketing rewards, like those points your customers can cash in on gifts and magazines they don’t really want?

“A Marketer’s Guide to Digital Giveaways, Promotions and Rewards” offers a better way: digital downloads of Hollywood movies, bestselling e-books, top-40 songs and backstage videos that fans feel privileged to watch.

Free from Red Touch Media and Ragan Communications, the guide shows how to glean valuable data from your customers and sharpen your marketing focus.

Discover how companies like NBCUniversal, Fandango, Land Rover, ice pop maker Fla-Vor-Ice and fashion label Burberry use digital giveaways to jazz up their marketing and boost customer loyalty.

Download the free guide, which digs deep into these areas:

  • How Fandango uses digital downloads to sell more tickets online, build customer loyalty and enhance the movie-going experience.
  • How to find digital rewards that fit your customers—like the free songs that demonstrated Land Rover’s Meridian sound system.
  • How premium digital rewards drives campaigns and build loyalty.
  • Why digital prizes are ideal for social media events.
  • How to gather digital data from your customers—and what you can ask for.

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