Maximize Reach and Engagement from Simpplr

Company newsletters can lack aesthetic appeal and personalization, leaving employees uninspired to read them and unengaged with the message. Internal communications teams who want to maximize reach and engagement with meaningful messages and content are recognizing the need for applications that integrate with existing content, offer dynamic personalization and targeting capabilities, and can be measured in seconds to inform changes. It must ensure the successful dissemination of mission-critical information via multiple channels, company-wide.

In “Maximize Reach and Engagement,” Simpplr lays out the roadmap to newsletter success, including:

  • How newsletters are evolving and why.
  • Engaging today’s diverse and invested workforce.
  • Choosing the right newsletter format.
  • The business case for internal communications software.
  • … and much more.

Download this free e-book today to learn the critical steps, approaches, tactics, tips and tricks that internal communications teams use to make their newsletters more effective and engaging.

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