Multichannel communication for internal communicators

Plan and execute a comms strategy across all your media channels

We live in a time when content is generated and consumed with incredible speed. For internal communicators battling to get their messages seen or heard by colleagues, rising above the noise of competing notifications is harder than ever.

Not only do your comms need to command attention and drive engagement in different scenarios, but they need to utilize the most relevant channels to reach an increasingly dispersed workforce.

With so many options (from Slack to mobile app and beyond), how do you know which channels are best for reaching different segments of your workforce at the right moment?

Download and discover: 

  • Why a multichannel approach is crucial for employee communications
  • Which channels are most effective for different groups within the workforce
  • How to plan a multichannel approach for comms scenarios such as M&As, open enrollment,  CSR initiatives, and more.
  • Theessentialtools for effective multichannel comms

Master your multichannel approach to communications with this free guide.

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