How to prep your execs to speak in front of employees (and not bore them)

Can your executive be riveting on internal video? The answer is a resounding yes! From rehearsal tips to storytelling and involving the audience, here’s how to up their game.

From webcast town halls to prerecorded productions, video is here to stay. How can you boost your presence—or your senior leaders’?

This free guide from Ragan Communication and MediaPlatform reveals the secrets. The guide covers these takeaways:

  • Why you must prepare the message, without scripting responses. Gather tips for staying on track while avoiding robotic talking points.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait for the meeting to find out what the tough questions will be.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Yes, you should read the speech repeatedly—but find out about a preparation trick that involves your smartphone and a treadmill.
  • What the best speakers learn by visiting the room where they’ll be speaking.
  • How to make your speech a conversation.
  • Why you must assess your success afterward.
  • ...and more.

Download your free copy here.

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