How to produce a stellar town hall

There are too many distractions these days to wing it in your all-hands meeting. From a CEO rap to Oprah Winfrey-style talk show formats, smart communicators are jazzing up such gatherings.

Time is short. Town halls are meant to rally the troops, not put your workforce to sleep.

There’s no excuse for hosting a dull all-hands meeting—regardless of whether your workforce attends in person or online. In an era of handheld distractions, it’s more important than ever to engage your employees.

Learn how to do that well when you download this free guide from Ragan Communications and MediaPlatform.

Download this guide, and you’ll discover:

  • How to make town halls an opportunity to build messaging, share news, rally the troops and create a shared sense of purpose.
  • How to plan for success—and involve local leaders.
  • Why one chief executive and his admin delivered their earnings report in rap.
  • How to alter your meeting’s dynamic—for the better—by changing the room arrangement.
  • Why rehearsal is essential.
  • Why you should trim that agenda, then trim it again.
  • What a guest speaker can bring to your town hall.
  • How to involve your audience, both in the room and webcast.
  • How to feature employees. (They’ll love you for it.)
  • How to overcome those awkward silences when you call for questions.
  • Why that webcast town hall of yours was so stiff and clunky—and what you can do about it.
  • How to incorporate narrative and images.
  • Why your work doesn’t end when your audience logs off or files out the door. (It has to do with feedback.)

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