Ragan Survey of Internal Communicators: Where We’re Headed

Your predictions around planning, spending and setting priorities before bidding (finally) farewell to 2020.

World events have made looking past tomorrow a challenge, as our year has been turned upside down. With so many unknowns, it’s hard to plan—or know what to plan for.

To help you navigate the rest of the year, Ragan, on behalf of The Communications Leadership Council, surveyed communicators to gain insight into what lies ahead from now through the end of 2020.

Most communicators, 70%, are not looking beyond this year in terms of planning. And they don’t expect conditions to ease up. Operating in a constant state of crisis communication and responding to rapidly changing world events were tied as top challenges. Get more insights on what's in store in this new report. You'll learn:

  • Which department you'll collaborate most with this year
  • How far out are most of you planning: 1-3 months, or week to week?
  • Top challenges you’ll face over the next few months
  • Which key issues will be communicated the most—DE&I, business financials, or COVID-19?
  • If remote/flexible will become a permanent option, and the state of returning to the office this year
  • If—and where—you’ll spend your budget dollars

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