Run smarter email comms—and actually reach employees

Do you ever wish you had access to the secrets of successful companies, enabling you to learn from their experience?

Here is your chance. This free guide reveals communication tactics from a university, a hospital and a pharmaceutical company.

These three case studies will afford you wisdom from divergent organizations that boosted email performance by mastering the metrics.

Through the guide you will learn:

  • How Northern Illinois University figured out its messaging success, enabling it to tweak email programs with low engagement rates
  • How popups, simplification and targeting keep corporate communications relevant at Bayer, the life sciences company
  • What metrics help the hospital when working with internal clients in nursing, education, human resources and others
  • What time of day might get your emails the most attention
  • How segmenting boosts success
  • How a system with clear analytics can reveal the way employees engage with email
  • How NIU and Bayer segment audiences—and why you should, too
  • The best places to create popups that will reduce the volume of email
  • How email polls can boost engagement

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