Social Media for Executives

8 Business Leaders Using Social Media to Promote Their Brand

You can see the reach of digital powerhouses such as GM Chief Executive Mary Barra and The North Face’s Tom Herbst. But do your social-media-shy executives understand what they’re missing?

How do you persuade them to harness social media’s power to establish voice, influence the market and boost brand awareness?

In this free guide from Meltwater—“Social Media for Executives: 8 Business Leaders Using Social Media to Promote Their Brand”—you will learn:

  • Why social media is worth your execs’ time and effort
  • How to choose the best platforms for your brand—and their voice
  • How to develop a winning strategy for your leaders
  • How Barra uses social media to directly confront controversies and potential negative press
  • Why ConvertKit CEO Nathan Barry doesn’t push the product, offering wisdom instead
  • How Apple VP Angela Ahrendts has emerged as a YouTube storytelling master
  • How Pepsi’s first and only female CEO, now on the board of Amazon, builds her personal brand through thought leadership
  • How Econet Group Founder and Chairman Strive Masiyiwa racked up 3.3 million Facebook fans
  • And more!

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