Special Report: Organizational responses to Black Lives Matter

10 corporate responses from exemplary to abysmal.

When George Floyd was killed in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, something changed for Americans.

His death—and the subsequent protests and renewed debate around racial equality has been a litmus test for leaders and communicators.

Some organizations have managed to put out strong messages, coupled with action plans and honest self-reflection about their organizational history with structural racism. Others have failed to offer more than lip service—and a few have been outright dismissive.

What can be learned from the first round of responses to the current moment highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement?

This report looks at the top 10 responses—from best to worst—from brands including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Adidas, IBM, Starbucks, Quaker Oats, Amazon and others. Find out what lessons can be taken from corporations’ nascent attempts at addressing racial inequality

Top lessons include:

  • Why it’s important to lead with your values before an issue gets the national spotlight.
  • How you can evaluate your products and services as well as branding for racial bias.
  • How organizations are earning kudos for admitting where they’ve fallen short in the past.

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