Stop the brain drain: Survey reveals biggest communication challenges when employees leave

Every day, organizations expose themselves to risk, yet many don’t understand the problem.

Hard-won experience, lessons learned, operational procedures and other kinds of knowledge walk out the door as employees retire or jump ship to work elsewhere.

Yet many organizations either don’t have procedures in place to retain knowledge—or don’t know whether they do, a new ThoughtFarmer/Ragan Communications survey finds. Significant numbers of communicators also lack a searchable archive of resources such as onboarding procedures, crisis plans, images, logos and PowerPoint templates for sales staff and others to use.

Either way, you stand to suffer business setbacks—or leave an impression of slipshod branding—by not prioritizing the retention and transfer of knowledge.

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  • That knowledge retention makes organizations more effective
  • What surprising percentage of communicators can’t retain knowledge from departing workers or don’t know whether they possess such a system
  • Why an engineering firm had to hire back a key employee as soon as he retired
  • What knowledge retention has to do with clearly communicating top-down imperatives
  • The relationship between search and knowledge retention
  • Why a nonprofit needed a central “source of truth” in a time of change
  • The role of knowledge retention in retaining and disseminating innovation and efficiencies internally

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