Taking a stand: Why and how organizations should cultivate purpose

Companies are increasingly embracing an objective loftier than pure profit. What are the benefits? And how can corporate social responsibility boost retention, recruitment and reputation?

Organizations that once focused solely on the bottom line are discovering the benefits of communicating values. To better recruit and retain employees, they are defining a greater purpose and taking a stand on social issues they once shied away from.

A Glassdoor/Harris Poll survey found that 62% of employees expect their employer to take stands on significant issues, providing these organizations with a hiring advantage.

How to join these organizations that are distinguishing themselves from the competition? This FREE guide from 3BL Media and Ragan Communications will help you consider the issues thoroughly, take stands authentically and effectively communicate your values to your workforce.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why employees are demanding integrity from their employers.
  • Organizations with a strong purpose, and diversity and inclusion programs tend to perform better, attract and retain strong talent—particularly among millennials.
  • The importance of discussing these matters with your employees before you leap.
  • The role of inclusivity.
  • How to promote and measure your values.
  • Why employees are driving public stances.
  • How to fuel your storytelling via your employees.
  • Why you should empower employees to find their own ways to contribute.
  • How purpose attracts talent.
  • The importance of communicating your purpose beyond profit to employees

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