The 2020 Press Release Benchmark Report

An analysis of nearly 17,000 releases provides benchmarks and best practices for news release distribution.

There’s still a place and purpose for press releases, but how can you maximize their effectiveness?

Business Wire and Onclusive analyzed nearly 17,000 press releases to reveal benchmarks for average social media and news engagement, as well as guidance for increasing news release performance. The 2020 Press Release Benchmark Report offers best practices for boosting coverage with catchy, timely content that grabs reporters’ attention.

If you’ve struggled to measure progress or see how you compare against competitors in the past, this report provides data-backed insights, such as:

  • Which multimedia elements boost your chances of earning more coverage
  • The average number of syndicates and tweets per release
  • What percentage of press releases garner zero Twitter engagement
  • How to secure 20% more social media amplification
  • Specific days and times that consistently earn higher rates of engagement

If you’re sick of wasting time and effort on releases that just get ignored, download your free “2020 Press Release Benchmark Report” today.

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