The 6 steps that can turn good managers into great communicators

Most engagement surveys and communications audits will uncover the fact that some managers are not actively communicating with their teams – and that’s hindering the hard work of employee communication experts.

The key is to get managers actively communicating. That’s easy to say but takes planning to do well.

In this guide you’ll learn the six steps that can ignite a powerful manager communications program in your organization, including how to:

  • Use data to justify your program and show future success
  • Think like a manager and overcome objections they have about communicating
  • Make a training that is memorable, and that you can produce and lead yourself
  • Provide content to managers that is easy to find, use and understand – and helps them communicate
  • Keep your manager communications program sustainable
  • Budget for the time and resources to launch an effective program.

Best of all – once you launch your program, your managers will be enhancing and highlighting your employee communication efforts.

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