The Best Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms

When considering a new intranet or employee experience platform, organizations must first identify needs and objectives, evaluate current systems, and justify the expense before even starting the search for a solution. Then comes the long research process into available products, where tracking down reliable reviews can be a challenge.

Fortunately, some of that groundwork has been done for you.

The free “Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report” by ClearBox Consulting is a valuable resource, offering insights from hundreds of hours of assessment on top intranets, employee experience platforms, employee mobile apps and internal comms tools. This comprehensive, 860+ page report covers 34 leading products and includes:

  •         Robust reviews, independently assessed and scored against eight business scenarios that focus on capabilities rather than features.
  •          At-a-glance tables and charts, technical specs and a price bracket indication in each review.
  •          Expert commentary that explains what independent reviewers found tricky and delightful.
  •          Hundreds of screenshots so you can see the products in action.
  • Insights that tackle dilemmas such as “build or buy” and “how to engage the frontline.”

Download this free report today to see the robust reviews of 20 leading intranet systems and 14 product overviews to help you kickstart your search.


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