The Communications Playbook for Manufacturing

An eight-step process to give a voice to the non-desk worker.

Frontline workers are the lifeblood of any manufacturing operation.

How well they perform—and how well they’re informed—play a significant role in determining your company’s productivity and bottom line. But how can you keep these crucial engineers, technicians, operators, inspectors and line workers feeling engaged, appreciated and motivated?

A new guide from Staffbase, “The Communications Playbook for Manufacturing,” offers clear, concise advice for communicating with non-desk workers. The guidance covers:

  • Facilitating two-way communication that enhances safety and collaboration.
  • Engaging, attracting and retaining younger workers.
  • Fostering stronger connections between employees and greater strategic clarity through unified messaging.
  • Helping non-desk workers feel more empowered—and connected to colleagues and the company.
  • Crafting user-friendly content that resonates with deskless workers.
  • Improving manager and supervisor communication.
  • Determining a content distribution method that suits your team’s specific location and preferences.

If employees feel disconnected, uninformed, underprepared or undervalued, they likely won’t give you their all. Download your playbook today to start building meaningful relationships and better communication with your vital deskless workers.



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