The new ESG opportunity: Connect the dots and integrate sustainability with high-level business strategy

Organizations need a robust communications strategy around ESG that includes campaigns and tentpole moments to ensure data, stories, anecdotes, inspirational and reactive content is produced consistently across all channels.

ESG—Environmental, Social and Governance—is the an organizational strategy that seeks to align risk mitigation and reputation enhancement with business objectives and performance. It’s gained attention and momentum in the last decade, increasingly so in the last few years. ESG represents a major new priority for communicators, one that some observers say is not well-enough integrated into the core practice areas of the profession.

Though communications pros excel at business updates, product marketing, brand development, organizational values and more, programs describing goals, progress and challenges across the ESG continuum are still in an embryonic stage. But then so is ESG itself.

Communicators hoping to strengthen their knowledge and skill around ESG communications will find the answers in our exclusive report from Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council. Get started now by downloading our free executive summary.

You’ll learn:

  • The powerful impact ESG has had on the C-suite, on boards of directors, and on investors.
  • The initial impetus for ESG in the first decade of this century.
  • How ESG works in action from specific examples.
  • Where ESG fits in the enterprise.
  • The role of ESG-related communications in reputation management.
  • Communications strategies built specifically for ESG.
  • How to measure ESG communications efforts.
  • Where ESG should reside among the array of other communications priorities.

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