The State of Corporate Communications Survey 2023 from PoliteMail

Over the past year, internal communicators have refocused their efforts on the best methods to reach their employees utilizing the most effective channels. When it comes to corporate communications, 74% of communicators still found email to be the most effective method to reach hybrid, remote or in-office employees, while 58% of comms pros found direct managers the best way to reach deskless employees. One of the best ways to improve an organization’s communication strategy is by recognizing the strengths and challenges of your comms channels and eliminating redundant or ineffective ones.

In “The State of Corporate Communications Survey 2023 Edition,” PoliteMail answers questions concerning corporate communications success including:  

  • The biggest challenges to corporate comms.
  • Finding the right channels to get your message across.
  • How to best reach and engage your remote workers.
  • The KPIs needed to measure communications success.
  • Strategic goal crafting for the year ahead.
  • … and much more.

Download this free e-book today. You’ll learn why email is still the most dominant form of employee communication, why most organizations want to increase engagement on intranet platforms, and what’s behind communicators’ sharp focus on increasing employee engagement through messaging.

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