The step-by-step guide to intranet planning

Get the intranet your workforce deserves in 2023

Effective communications and knowledge sharing are essential for successful organizations. They help to navigate change, promote transparency, and keep everyone engaged and informed.

Take the opportunity to drive transformation in your organization with an intranet that delivers clear ROI, and a measurable, tangible impact on internal communication.

Download Interact’s most popular free guide, containing everything you need to know about planning and deploying an intranet, including over 10 years of industry experience and analysis.

Learn how to:

  • Plan, structure, and manage your intranet
  • Create enthusiasm around your project
  • Set targets and maintain effectiveness
  • Measure intranet ROI

Having delivered intranets for enterprises in every sector, Interact has seen organizations use their intranets for a massive range of use cases. From HR and IT to customer service and cybersecurity, a modern intranet can generate value in surprising ways.

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