The Ultimate Guide to Disinformation and Other Narrative-Borne Threats

What’s the true cost to business of the infodemic? Zignal Labs breaks down the threat in this download and offers examples of how to push back against disinformation.

The so-called “infodemic”—the portmanteau for the current crisis around misinformation online—might have peaked, but that doesn’t mean the threat isn’t still very real for brands and organizations.

Misinformation or disinformation threats are defined as “narratives containing information that is either entirely false, partly false, or misleading,” Zignal Labs says in its new download. “They may be spread intentionally or inadvertently, and can pose significant threats to individuals, businesses, and organizations.”

The guide looks to offer a clear picture of the current state of misinformation in the U.S., what risks are posed to the business community, and some effective tactics for pushing back against the pernicious threat.

In this paper, you’ll find:

  • Data analysis of the current state of misinformation online
  • A crisis response framework for responding to the threat of fake news
  • How media intelligence platforms can offer important solutions for brand reputation management
  • Essential questions to ask when facing narrative-borne threats
  • Examples and case studies from effective crisis responses from brands like Exxon and Dominion
  • And more

“Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it,” wrote Jonathan Swift about the problem human beings have in discerning truth from fiction. Only a carefully crafted crisis response will protect you from threatening narratives about your business and products or services.

Download your copy of the report from Zignal Labs today.

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