The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Successful Modern Intranet, from Simpplr

A great intranet is like a tree: planting the seed is just the first step. To truly flourish, it needs constant nurturing and care. For a tree, that’s water and fertilizer, but for an intranet, that’s content, creativity and new features.

With time and effort, an intranet can grow from an optimistic idea into a strong, sturdy part of your communications strategy.

But how does it get there?

“The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Successful Modern Intranet,” a new white paper from Simpplr, walks you through best practices for creating an intranet that’s engaging and effective.

In this complimentary guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to foster ownership and accountability for the intranet.
  • Which areas to prioritize to best serve business goals.
  • Tips for experimentation and continuous improvement.
  • Ideas for turning your intranet into a daily destination.
  • How to find early adopters and drive ongoing engagement.
  • And much more.

Download this report today and kickstart your employee engagement efforts.

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