The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Successful Modern Intranet from Simpplr

Making your intranet a success will involve driving user adoption, ensuring there is an uptick in the number of visitors, and growth in the number of employees using social features. Success will also be about making sure there is a great pipeline of content, continuous improvement and additional features that your users will love. Moving your intranet forward takes time, effort and resources. The good news is that there is now a plethora of best practices that have emerged through the experiences of successful intranet teams.

In “The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Successful Modern Intranet,” Simpplr lays out the roadmap to sustainable success, including:

  • Establishing a management framework.
  • Prioritizing areas of business value.
  • Making the intranet essential for everyday users.
  • Driving adoption and engaging users.
  • And much more.

Download the free guide today to learn the critical steps, approaches, tactics, tips and tricks that intranet teams use to make their intranets better and simpler.

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