The Ultimate PR Guide to Search Engine Strategy

How to build better lists, deliver impactful new client strategy, and dominate search results using PR.

Landing high on a Google search result is not an easy achievement and many brands struggle to land in the top results.

What brands can do, however, is create dominate Search Engine Visibility (SEV), which comes from earned media results. PR efforts focused on this will place your client or brand in front of “active information seekers,” aka, your top customer prospects.

A report from Visably, “The Ultimate PR Guide to Search Engine Strategy,” offers a clear and digestible roadmap on PR’s role when it comes to search engine strategy.

You’ll learn:

  • How to optimize link building with PR
  • How to use keyword research to improve the success of press releases and pitches
  • Why and how PR is key to brand success in search engine results
  • How to build smarter lists using search results
  • How to generate reports on media coverage that highlight SEO gains

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