How to turn your exec into a brilliant public speaker

If your leader wants to engage employees and become a resonant voice in the industry, it’s essential for him or her to master these three basic areas of communication.

Your executives might be whizzes at finances, spreadsheets or strategy. But they put an audience to sleep during their presentations.

If they want to become a respected figure others turn to, they must master the three skills detailed in this FREE whitepaper from Kollective, “How to turn your exec into a brilliant public speaker.”

They must understand the art of storytelling, nonverbal communication and preparation. Follow these tips and help them catapult into the forefront of their field—and stop boring their audiences!

Download the guide to learn:

  • How to unearth stories for your executives
  • 12 nonverbal tools to improve speeches and interviews
  • Crucial factors when preparing a speech
  • And more!

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