How video drastically improves corporate communication

Nearly every communicator is trying to harness the power of video—the most compelling and personal channel around. But how to do it right?

A practical guide from Ragan Communications and MediaPlatform offers ways to make this powerful format a successful part of your strategic communications.

From boosting engagement to creating in-house communications stars, video offers an array of advantages over other channels. This guide explains how to cash in on those benefits.

You will learn:

  • How to start small—and win big.
  • Why video is more dynamic.
  • Ways to capture emotion through video.
  • What it means when they say, “Every element in the frame is a character.”
  • How video boosts authenticity.
  • How to get your subjects out of their comfort zone—and into the audience’s.
  • How one analytics company created in-house stars through funny videos.
  • How to use video messengers to build trust.
  • How video can enable dialogue.
  • Video allows live polls and chats that boost engagement.
  • Ways to connect webcast viewers through geography.
  • What “executive hang-outs” can do for your organization.

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