When Business and Politics Collide: What You Need to Know

Where companies and business leaders used to be able to stay on the sidelines, today’s political fights have few boundaries.

Issues that once were seen as apolitical decisions on public health have become deeply politicized. And where many audiences were once able to separate their personal politics from the brands they buy, consumers—particularly younger buyers—are voting with their pocketbooks.

Brands and the people who lead them have to adapt the way they think about the interplay of business and politics. They have to be willing to stand on their values—and they have to be ready to lead.

In a new download from Zignal Labs, experts look to help businesses navigate this contentious environment and craft a response plan that builds trust with consumers. Taken from a recent webinar, the document covers:

  • How the political landscape has changed for business leaders
  • How business leaders should think about their values and beliefs
  • The role of Gen Z and young consumers in driving these changes
  • Why your values messaging should start with employees first
  • Key steps to follow when taking a stand on a hot-button issue

See the full list of takeaways and the four-step guide to prudent values-based communication by downloading your copy of the report.


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