Workplace EX Comms Handbook

The rise of remote work means there’s no going back to antiquated, top-down communication strategies for internal messaging. Learn more about optimizing the employee experience (EX) in this guide by Workplace from Facebook.

This guide by Workplace from Facebook offers expertise on transforming your messaging into a networked community that improves collaboration, belonging and innovation. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how to improve your “employee experience” (or “EX”).

The guide explains how to:

  • Set the right goals. Informing employees about essential updates is just one of four essential goals for modern internal comms.
  • Audit for current challenges. What are the shortcomings that are holding your current programs back?
  • Build content that matters. Does your message have immediate relevance for your target audience? The handbook offers a helpful framework.
  • Identify the right channel. What channel is the best fit for your latest message? Use a handy table to sort your priorities.
  • Develop ambassadors and advocates. Who is the best spokesperson for your campaign? Check out the tactics for getting influential leaders to buy in.

Get your copy of the guide, and start improving your employee experience today.