Your Intranet: The Secret to Employee Retention? from Simpplr

Sometimes organizations can struggle to retain their most skilled employees. Many factors can prompt a staffer to seek other employment, including limited learning and development opportunities, lack of engagement and ineffective communication. Business leaders understand that retaining talented and dedicated workers and fostering their career development is key to sustaining growth and finding success. And an organization’s intranet can play a pivotal role in this challenge.  

“Your Intranet: The Secret to Employee Retention?”, a new report from Simpplr, provides actionable insights for leveraging your intranet to turn your organization into a talent magnet, including:  

  • Why employee engagement matters and how it predicts retention.
  • How your intranet can engage employees no matter where or how they work.
  • How your intranet can cultivate a thriving company culture and help staffers feel like they are part of a community-oriented culture.
  • How to leverage valuable insights inside your intranet to improve the effectiveness of your people managers.
  • … and much more.

Download this free ebook today. You’ll learn how intranets are instrumental in fostering employee engagement and retention, building a positive company culture and empowering leaders to be the best possible managers they can.

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