Who is your favorite writer?

Fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose, some author’s words and phrases have found their way into your heart, mind, soul, and sinews. The author of this post details her run-in with a favorite scribe.

One of my favorite writers, Guy Kawasaki, recently tweeted: Who is your writing hero? The tweet linked to his Facebook page, where people were offering their own favorites.

The idea of “favorite writers” stuck with me, though I found the question difficult to answer.

Then recently, I got to meet Seth Godin, a writer I consider a “favorite.” How many of us, after all, could write books titled, “We Are All Weird,” “Purple Cow,” “Poke the Box,” “Watcha Gonna Do With that Duck?” or my favorite, “All Marketers Are Liars”? If one didn’t know better you’d think they were children’s books—and in some sense they are.

I am the “chief storyteller” at SAP and was backstage working at our recent Sapphire Now event in Orlando. Godin was a keynote speaker, and I told him that he is one of my favorite writers because his messages are simple, yet insightful.

As we compile—and start diving into—our summer reading lists, I’d like to know who your “favorite” writers are and why?

In the comments, please share your must-read authors and why they inspire you.

Julie Roehm is the senior vice president of marketing at SAP. A version of this article first appeared on iMediaConnection.


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