Why and how to make the most of Twitter lists

The feature’s self-proclaimed ‘No. 1 fan’ offers insights into its usefulness and ways to make it work for you and your brand.

You don’t hear much talk about them lately, but for me, Twitter lists are essential.

They’re not just for business strategy; this feature can help you build your personal brand, too.

So why am I Twitter lists’ No. 1 fan? I’ll give you five reasons:

1. It’s so easy. There’s no excuse not to make time to build your Twitter lists. It will make your life easier at the beginning, middle and end of the day.

Quick how- to: Create your lists from within your profile by going to the “Lists” section and click on “Create a List.” Come up with the titles of your lists, e.g., “Social Media Experts,” “Chicago Media” or “Friends and Family.” Then find the people you want to add, tap the screw icon next to their name on their profile, and then select “Add/Remove from Lists.” Pick the list. You’re done.

2. You won’t miss a thing. I go straight to these lists first thing every day to ensure I didn’t miss anything overnight with the key folks I want to follow. This way I can scroll through my top 50 favorite people to follow and interact with and let them know I’m paying attention.

3. Best way to stay in touch. I find this the best way to keep up with my friends’ Twitter feeds: I add them to my private friend list, and they have no idea I can see their every tweet. (OK, now they do.) This ensures my friend’s tweet of her adorable puppy doesn’t get lost amid all the celeb and fitness news.

4. They will save you tons of time. It may take a while to build solid lists, but once you have them complete, these lists will be your go-to every day. No more endless scrolling.

5. You don’t have to follow the person to add them to your list. Though some may like to follow thousands of people, this isn’t the best way to keep up with the content you want to see. Add the important people to your lists; you don’t have to be following them to do so. Just be sure you are still engaging with the folks you are interested in. If there’s someone you want to support, do both things: Follow them, and add them to your list.

A few things to remember:

  • You can manage your lists from you own Twitter home page, either on the app or desktop. From there you can create, remove and edit lists at any time.
  • You can make your lists private if you want to keep them all to yourself. This is helpful if you’re a brand manager and you want to keep an eye on your competitors. You can also check out which lists you are on in the same “List” section. This can give you insight into who is paying attention to your tweets or looking to you for advice and information.

Learn more about Twitter lists here.

Sarah Scroggins is the social media manager for Advocate Health Care. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @sarahanne425.


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