Why clear values are essential to fostering a positive culture

Your staff can’t embody a nebulous concept. Specify in writing what ideals your organization strives for collectively, and reward employees who epitomize those aspirations.

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Company culture, which is vital to an organization, is driven by values.

Does your organization have stated, written values?

Some do. A few companies have thought about it. Others have values, yet don’t follow them. (If you don’t have written company values, I’d suggest reading “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni.)

For those whose organizations do have written values, do your employees know what those values are? Can they recite them? Can they give examples of how those values play out in the workplace? Do those values guide their decisions?

For that matter, do they guide your decisions as an owner or manager? If not, then they might not be true values, so you ought to reevaluate and specify your organization’s ideals.

All the ping-pong tables and catered Friday lunches won’t cover up a poor company culture.

Incorporating stated company values into the fabric of your company is a must if they are going to mean anything-but how can that be accomplished?

A nine-step approach

At our digital marketing agency, we rolled out new values in January 2016.

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