Why self-editing is the key to better writing

There are five stages to putting together a piece of text. Are you shortchanging—or completely neglecting—this essential phase?

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What do you think is the secret to improving your writing?

All these skills are useful, of course, but they’ll take you only so far.

Do you want to know how to write content that persuades? That “engages”? That people actually want to read?

Here’s the simple step you must take: Stop writing, and start editing.

Yes, becoming a better writer isn’t about knowing how to write. It’s about knowing how to self-edit.

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It’s about knowing when your writing’s, well, rubbish, and it’s about enjoying going back and honing your work over and over until it’s right.

Often when I’m teaching people how to write better, someone will ask: “How can I get my writing right the first time?” The implication being that that’s what a professional writer does. It’s always fun to disabuse people of that myth.

In case you were wondering, I’m not the only writer who usually gets it wrong the first time.

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