Why you should be excited about the new AP Stylebook guidelines

Hear directly from a leading Associated Press editor how these changes will benefit writers.

AP style changes on race

Another year, another AP Stylebook update.

If you find yourself frustrated by the continual changes, you’re not alone. Many communicators struggle to keep up—and comprehend why updates are made in the first place.

Change can be a good thing—and these revisions keep pace with evolving societal norms and nomenclature.

Here’s why you should embrace the latest edition of this vital guide:

  1. You’ll get new guidance on which terms could alienate or offend your readers—something no communicator wants to do.
  2. You can discard outdated rules that cause confusion when you’re writing about modern subjects.
  3. You’ll get guidance on the latest updates during the 2019 AP Stylebook Webinar on June 19.

Join Paula Froke, lead editor of the Associated Press Stylebook, to learn all about the changes made in the 2019 edition. You’ll also gain valuable insights into how and why changes are made.

Don’t fear the latest AP style changes—master them with help directly from the source by registering for this webinar today.

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