Wired goof replaces Trump’s name with reference to hand size

Tech mag swaps GOP frontrunner’s name with the phrase ‘Someone With Tiny Hands.’ A laugh riot erupts online, especially on social media. Best of all, the political season’s just starting.

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It is already clear what the word of the year will be: We at Ragan Communications are preemptively declaring it to be “yuge,” checking off that task for Oxford Dictionaries in 2016.

Now a magazine has published a correction that can’t possibly be topped, so we might as well flip our calendars ahead to January 2017.

It turns out that Wired—the publication for tech geniuses who are hip to gender differences in mobile app use and embarrassingly well-informed on sex with robots—got caught in a forehead-slapping Donald Trump-related goof right in the thick of the presidential primaries.

It seems the IT whizzes couldn’t figure out how to install or use a Chrome extension. (Please, PRs and comms people: Uninstall any risky extensions you have set up for laughs.)

Wired, please come up to the front of the classroom and explain yourself.

As the magazine reports:

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