How to work with HR to promote a healthy work-life balance

Getting the message across is half the battle.

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Communication is a major key to happy employees

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, employees across all industries have called for an improved sense of work-life balance. Regardless of whether your work situation is hybrid, in-person or remote, an employee with a healthy work-life balance is more likely to be a happy employee. By understanding the intersection of communications and HR, there are several ways you can show employees that the business considers their goals and pursuits outside of working hours just as valuable as what they provide to the company.

Model flexible work behavior with your messaging strategy

From the onset of the pandemic, work-from-home or hybrid work arrangements became increasingly common, if not the norm. While studies have shown that working from home can lead to more hours in the work week, this situation can also allow employees more proximity to attend to their personal lives.

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