Yahoo’s inadvertently racist tweet highlights importance of editing

Its financial arm’s social media team touted a news story with a typo that changed its meaning drastically, opening the organization up to ridicule from folks online.

The importance of proofreading cannot be understated.

Yahoo Finance’s social media team highlighted that truth Thursday evening when it tweeted a news story with the text: “Trump wants a much bigger navy. Here’s how much it’ll cost.”

At least, that’s what the team meant to post.

Instead, an “n” replaced the “b” on “bigger”—the two letters are adjacent on the keyboard—changing the tweet entirely and making it fodder for caustic barbs from a bevy of Twitter users.

Many seized the opportunity to make jokes about how a not exactly “bigger” navy might look, while others piled on with snark over the organization’s social media prowess:

Yahoo Finance’s team scrubbed the offending post and issued an apology:

The error wasn’t corrected before several hashtags ridiculing the error were trending across Twitter, however, turning the typo into a massive headache for the publication’s social media and PR teams last night.

Lesson learned: Think Edit before you tweet.

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